About Us


Manager / Professor 

Well, I was supposed to be a manager and a professor till "the end", but life requires thinking and acting "out of the box". 

In Poland, I was a co-founder and a co-owner of several companies operating on European market. I became a specialist in running large-scale market research projects, restructuring and modernization projects, as well as creating business strategies and designing brand logos.
Simultaneously, for 15 years I have been working as an Assistant Professor at Lodz University of Technology  (Ph.D. in Management in the field of Economic Sciences, with over 50 publications).
In the meantime, I have been organizing and managing events for up to 450 people, like science conferences, international fashion fairs, business meetings and weddings. I have always enjoyed collaboration, learning about other cultures, histories, and above all talking to people.

But in 2017, for the life of my sick son, I had to quit my career and move to USA, to find a proper treatment for him, and then, start everything from the beginning...

So, why not to combine my love for management, professionalism of optimal budget planning and passion for people with natural, Polish talent for creating cocktails

Bartending became a joy and a job that allows me to devote necessary amount of time to my beloved family.


Mixologist / Event planner

My story began in 2005 when I got my bartender’s license in New York City. I graduated with a Master’s degree in marketing and management and knew that bartending was where I wanted to showcase my passion and skills. Soon after, I got a job at one of the top restaurants in the Triad and in my spare time I worked with a catering company to learn more about event planning.

With 17 years of experience I have extensive knowledge of beer, wine, cocktails, and the industry as a whole. My focus is on designing unique craft cocktails by flavor-pairing natural, fresh ingredients. House made, infused, aromatic, simple syrups are also my specialty and have become absolute crowd favorites. I believe a cocktail presentation is just as important as the way it tastes. 

I’m passionate about turning your ideas into perfectly curated craft cocktails and together we can customize your bar menu for any season or event. There is nothing more satisfying than serving a drink that causes a guest to smile from ear to ear. My excitement shows in every interaction as I get to create unforgettable experiences and moments.