Our Offer

Our offer is based on your needs

In 3 simple steps you can choose the base of your individual package. 

Step 1.  If your venue doesn’t have a bar available you can choose to rent one of our sets. 

Step 2.  Check which of our bar menu options suits your vision the most.

Step 3.  Contact us by filling and submitting a short Offer Request Form.

Then,  we will contact you to discuss all possible options and available upgrades.

Our offer will let you decide on the features important to you and build a custom bar package based on your needs. We like to embrace the fact that every event is unique and personal and will work with you to modify our services if needed. 

We will work with you on your liquor order and help you to determine the quantities and brands you need for your event. 

Cocktail Hour Mobile Bar is a dry bar which means, we can’t purchase alcohol for you but we can help you to pick it up and deliver it to the venue. By buying your own alcohol, you can save a lot of money. 

* Alcohol is not included in the price. 

Our goal is to ensure a memorable and delightful experience for you and your guests that will exceed your expectations.